Gasoline tank in 2mm Stainless steel reproduction
amphicar tank 01 Price on demand 
empty front axle in excellent condition with left nuckle home 

Vooras Dodge WC 01

Vooras Dodge WC 02

€ 100,00
Dutch gas mask by Vredestein/Hembrug
Orginal Dutch gas mask made by AI/Hembrug 1939 for civil use.
In can; never used.
Gasmasker € 60,00
M7 Link-Delink machine
to press .50 shells into clipbelt
M7 link/delink 01M7 link/delink 02M7 link/delink 03 € 90,00
NSU HK-101 Kettenkrad + Sdah 1 trailer
Built in 1944 all orginal no Reproduction
NSU HK-101 Kettenkrad Price on demand
German longtail outboard motor out of WW2 (presumably 1940)
Brand: KOVATS Budapest with a Waffenambt stamp (see picture).
This is a single carburator implementation 4 cylinder side valve boxer engine.
Sturmbootmotor 01
Sturmbootmotor 02
€ 3.000,00
Stoewer type 40, Hanomag 20B, BMW 325. Le.Einheits Pkw
Perfect copy of the engine spare parts list D 662/3 for Einheitsfahrgestell I fur l.pkw.

It handles:

  • Hanomag 2L (type 20B),
  • Stoewer 1,8L (type R 180W),
  • Stoewer 2L (type AW 2) and
  • BMW 2L (type 325).

This copy contains 144 pages text and 64 illustrations.

662/3 Stoewer Partlist

€ 75,00



GAZ 46
MAV Rusian 4x4 Amphibian vehicle in perfect driveble and swimming condition.
A493 Contact
Partslist/manual for Sonderanhanger 1.
D 618/3 Anhänger für das Kleine Kettenkraftrad

Device description, Manual and Partslist for the trailer
Hanomag 20B Kfz-2
Original Manuals and spare parts list and Parts.
Instruction manual D662/1 for Le. Einheits Pkw   Contact
Pictures from Ford GP's used by the KNIL (Dutch East Indies Army) 1941/42 in Indonesia.   Contact