Weapons for sale

Permit 20060166XXX

Exemption needed: For collectors and reenactment players who have a permit to own and also have (in case of cat. 2 weapons) an exemption from our Department of Justice.
EU DEKO: Weapons are deactivated according to EU decree 2015/2403, (PbEU 2015, L333/62) and in accordance with the Dutch law. You can own the weapon without a licence if you're 18 years old or older. ID card obligated. Is deliverd including a EU certificate of deactivation.


We also buy weapons. Mail us what you want to sell with picture(s).

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.308 Blancs

.308 blancs

€ 0,20/stuk

Bren barrel calibre .308 Nato
Exemption needed
€ 125,00

Browning 1919A4

Browning 1919A4
(without triangle)
EU-DEKO € 2.495,00

Degtyarev DP28

Degtyarev DP-28
Exemption needed
€ 795,00

Lanchester Mark II

Lanchester Mark 1
Exemption needed
€ 995,00

M1 Garand Winchester

M1 Garand Winchester
€ 1.350,00

M1 Carbine

M1 carbine
diff brands EU-DEKO
v.a. € 695,00

PPsh 41

PPsh 41 Tula 1945
€ 450,00

Ruger 14 mini

Ruger MINI-14
Exemption needed
€ 495,00

Testgeweer van Artillerie Inrichting Zaandam

Testgun Artillery Centre Zaandam,
Calibre .223
Exemption needed € 195,00